About Us

Join TPCAWhat do I get for TPCA dues? You also get membership in the National Pest Management Association!

Many non –TPCA/ NPMA members ask what we do for them. The benefits of membership are numerous but we have taken a few of them and allocated a dollar amount so that you can see the actual price of the benefits we offer.


What we do:  TPCA retains a lobbyist each year to assist us with legislative issues. Representation before the legislature is one of the main reasons people join together to form an association.   TPCA represents us in Austin and NPMA represents us in Washington.

Could you do it yourself?
Numbers count. Legislators want to talk to individuals, but they are influenced by the number of voters involved in a particular issue. During the session, TPCA is at the Capitol daily, monitoring, talking and gathering information.  It is doubtful that you could be away from your business for extended periods of time. NPMA stays on top of Washington.

Member vs. Non member Cost (or “benefit cost”?) At least $35.  This covers the cost of the lobbyist. In no way does it cover the amount that adverse legislation would cost you.


Every two years, TPCA members come to Austin and talk to legislators on issues and bills that affect our industry.  Participants are trained on the issues by our lobbyist and then they spend the day at the Capitol. Appointments are made prior to all visits, position papers and packets are provided.

Could you do it yourself?
Yes, you could visit your legislators at the Capitol.  Once again, an organized, unified group makes a much greater impact on legislators than one lone pest control operator representing only himself.

Member vs. Non member cost: $25
TPCA provides position papers and packets, contacts all legislators and makes appointments for PCOs who are attending. A training session is held in the morning by our lobbyist.

REGULATORY MONITORING of the Structural Pest Control ServiceS
TPCA attends all SPCB meetings and reports back to the TPCA members what actions are being considered and what regulations have been passed.  Input is routinely gathered on issues that impact the industry.

Could you do it yourself?
Yes, you could attend all the SPCS meetings ( approx. 4 per year) plus as many as 25 committee meetings per year. However, the time and money lost from your business would be a concern.

Member vs. Non member cost: $100. This figure represents the money TPCA saved PCO’s in fee increases, streamlining state required paperwork ( printing savings), etc.  ??? These are just a few of the areas that TPCA works for you.


The research and information provided by Dr. Roger Gold of Texas A&M University has been invaluable to the PCO’s of Texas.

Could you do it yourself? No.

Member vs. non member cost: $25 minimum. The results from Dr. Gold’s termiticide studies have saved PCO’s hundreds of dollars .  He also speaks at local chapter meetings and TPCA events for free.


TPCA offers a regular education program each year. Annual workshops are held in Lubbock, College Station, and El Paso and coventures with NPMA’s Academy.  CEU’s are offered at the meetings along with business courses.   In addition specialty workshops are offered around the state.  The Dr. Phil Hamman Termite School offers hands-on termite training at Texas A&M.

Could you do it yourself? To maintain your license you need continuing education credits. You have to take courses that are approved -- all of TPCA courses are approved. So no, you cannot give yourself CEU credits.  TPCA is not the only place that gives CEU’s , but it is an excellent source.

You can teach yourself through textbooks and videos. Many chapters have a lending library and TPCA offers basic training aids for sale.

Member vs. non Member Cost: At least $35. All TPCA members receive reduced rates for our workshops.   Most chapters offer monthly CEU courses at no charge to members.  Non members pay a fee.


Every other month, TPCA produces a magazine full of  information.  From SPCS and legislative updates, to business and technical information, PCO’s are informed.  TPCA staff write and edit the magazine.

Could you do it yourself? There are good trade journals available that will keep you up-to date on our industry on a national basis.  Our publication, however, is the only periodical that will keep you informed on what is happening in Texas and within the association.

Member vs. non member cost:   The cost of the magazine is $60 a year. An added value is the advertisements in the magazine which sometimes offer specials.


An annual directory is printed each year which lists member companies, chapters, resource information, etc.  All members receive a free copy.

Could you do it yourself? No

Member vs. nonmember cost: $150.  Nonmembers can buy the directory for $150.


This is just a sample of the our benefits. We have many other programs but this brief description gives you an idea of how TPCA saves you money.   TPCA base dues are $200. Just these few benefits alone show a value of over $400.