Due to concerns over the rising number of Covid cases in the state, the El Paso Workshop will be virtual for 2022. We are sorry for the inconvenience! We are reworking the schedule and will have an updated agenda released as soon as possible. If you have already registered for the workshop, we will be contacting you to handle the amendments to the event, and to make sure that your registration reflects the corrected changes to the agenda. We are very sorry for the changes but we are doing our best to guarantee that your companies are safe and provided with as much opportunity to get the needed credits for your licenses. 

Tech Training will be rescheduled for a future date. If you have registered for Tech Training, TPCA will gladly hold your registration until the event is rescheduled or you can contact TPCA directly at [email protected] if you would like to have a refund granted.


Join us on January 24th & 25th for TPCA's Annual El Paso Workshop. 
We are offering credits for Texas Structural, Texas Ag and New Mexico Structural. TPCA is excited to see you, while providing you an opportunity to get all of your Annual CEUs needed.

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***All Dates and Times Below are correct and accurate as of 1/13/22*** 

Schedule of Events

January 24th

  • 8:00AM MST / 9:00 AM CST | Safety  (1 TX ST Safety, 1 Ag Gen, 1 NM General) 
  • Safety First - Mike Shields
  • 9:15AM MST / 10:15 AM CST | IPM (1 TX ST IPM, 1 Ag IPM, 1 NM Termite)
  • IPM, Lip Service or Walking the Walk - Stan Cope
  • 10:30AM MST / 11:30 AM CST | L&O (1 TX ST Pest, 1 NM Gen)
  • Controlling Ants with Pesticides - Ryan Neff
  • 11:30AM MST / 11:30 AM CST | Lunch
  • 12:00PM MST/1:00PM CST | Weed (1 TX ST Weed, 1 Ag Gen, 1 NM Gen)
  • IPM and Management of Weeds - Wes Eppele
  • 1:15PM MST / 2:15PM CST | Termite (1 TX ST Termite,  1 NM Termite)
  • Termite Biology and the Transfer of Control Agents - Bob Davis     
  • 2:30PM MST / 3:30PM CST | L&O (1 TX ST L&O, 1 TX Ag Gen, 1 NM Gen)
  • Landscape Pest: ID, Biology and Management - Wizzie Brown   

January 25th

  • 8:00AM MST / 9:00AM CST | Laws and Regs (1 TX ST Laws and Regs, 1 Ag Laws and Regs, 1 NM Laws and Regs)
  • Laws and Regulations l - Allison Cuellar, TDA & Luz Hernandez, NMDA 
  • 9:15AM MST / 10:15AM CST | Termite (1 TX Termite, 1 NM Termite)
  • Determining the Proper Amount of Material to use for Termite Service  l - Dr. Bob Davis
  • 10:30AM MST / 11:30AM CST | Pest (1 TX ST Pest,  1 NM Gen)
  • Biology and Control of Bed Bugs l - Wes Hale
  • 11:45PM MST / 12:45PM CST | Pest (1 TX ST Pest,  1 NM Gen)
  • Biology and Management of Cockroaches l - Alvaro Romero

Only Pay for the CEU courses you need 
$25 Each for TPCA Members

$30 Each for Non-Members

 1 General Laws & Regs, 1 General IPM, 1 Pest, 2 Termite, 1 L&O & 1 Weed
TDA Ag CEU Credits:
1 General Laws & Regs, 1 General IPM, 3 Generals
1 General Laws & Regs, 2 Termite, 4 General 
Schedule and credit availability subject to change

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No refunds will be given after 1/14/2022