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Join us on December 9, 2020 for TPCA's last CEU webinar for 2020.
We are working to keep you and your employees safe while providing you and opportunity to get your Annual CEUs 

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Schedule of Events
7:30-7:45am Log in
7:45 - 8:00am Welcome & Announcements
8:00 – 9:00 AM | General Laws & Regs
  • Impacts on Pest Management Professionals from Recent Label Changes 2020 - Dr. Bob Davis
9:15 – 10:15 AM | Pest
  • Biology & Management of Common Flies - Molly Keck, BCE
10:30 – 11:30 AM | Termite
  • Building Construction and WDI Control - Ronnie Holder, ACE
12:15 - 1:15 PM  | IPM
  • Perimeter Pests: An Integrated Approach to Management 2020 - Jeffrey Tucker, BCE
1:30 – 2:30 PM | L&O
  • Landscape Pests Identification and Management- Wizzie Brown, BCE        
2:45 - 3:45 PM | Weed
  • IPM & Management of Weeds 2020 - Wes Eppele

Only Pay for the CEU courses you need 
$25 Member Each

$30 Non-Member Each

 1 General Laws & Regs, 1 General IPM, 1 Pest, 1 Termite, 1 L&O & 1 Weed
Ag Credits Coming Soon
Schedule subject to change

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 No refunds will be given after 12/1/2020




Join us on January 27, 2021 for TPCA's first Technician Training Course for 2021.
We are working to keep you and your employees safe while providing you an opportunity for final study prior to the exam.

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Schedule - Wednesday, January 27th
7:30-8:00am     Welcome, Announcements & Roll Call
8:00-9:00am     Applicator Certification & Licensing, Pesticide Laws and Regulations
9:00-9:10am     Break                       
9:10-10:10am   Pesticide Toxicity, Residue, Tolerance, Registration, Ecology                      
10:10-10:20am Break
10:20-11:20am Safety, Protective Equipment, Pesticide Poisoning, Agricultural & Structural IPM  
11:20-11:30am Break
11:30-12:30pm  Pests, Pesticide Types, Labels, Formulations
12:30-12:50pm Lunch Break
12:50—1:50pm  Mixing Practices, Mixing Calculations, Equipment, Calibration
1:50-2:00pm     Break
2:00-3:00pm     Weather-Wise Application, Disposal, Storage, Record Keeping, Liability

Tech Training Pricing (Study Guide is included)
$140 for TPCA Members

$170 for Non-Members

Please log into your TPCA Account to receive TPCA Member Discounted Pricing. 

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Technician Training information

This 6 hour exam prep course is required for apprentices to qualify to take the technician exam.  

Prior to the Technician Exam, apprentices should have already completed:

The 6 hour prep class is a review of what they should have already learned in the previous 40, 20, 8 hrs.

For already licensed Technicians, they must have 8 hours of training per year. This course will count 6 hours TOWARDS the 8 hours. Technicians will need an additional 2 hours of on-the-job within the same year.

*This Technician Training course meets the SPCS requirements for apprentices and non-commercial applicators. There will NOT be an exam following the technician training class. This is just one of many requirements** in preparing for the exam. Please visit www.texasagriculture.gov for more information and a list of the full requirements you will need before taking your exam. The General Study guide is included in the registration fee. 

**Please note: you will also need up-to-date category specific study manuals (Pest, Termite, L&O, etc.) to pass the exam. These manuals are available through the AgriLife Extension service by calling 979-845-1099. These are not available for purchase through TPCA. 



No refunds will be given after 1/22/2021.






Free for TPCA Members!


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Get to know your presenter: 

Dr. Thomas Chouvenc

Assistant Professor in Urban Entomology

University of Florida



Dr. Thomas Chouvenc, is an assistant professor in urban entomology at the University of Florida, at the Ft Lauderdale Research and Education Center (UF/IFAS). His research specializes in the study of invasive subterranean termites, with a focus on termite ecology, evolution, symbiosis, and control. Dr. Chouvenc has established a new understanding of how termites evolved disease resistance mechanisms, which explained why Biological Control for subterranean termites has essentially failed for 60 years. His work on the Formosan subterranean termite and the Asian subterranean termite has opened new research avenues, as the two species have the potential to hybridize, providing new opportunities to study fundamental evolutionary questions about the causes and consequences of the rise of eusociality in termites. His recent work on the colony demographics of subterranean termites has also shed light on how various control methods can impact termite colonies, and how the concept of subterranean termite IPM has not been rigorously applied to subterranean termites over the past 20 years. He organizes both the international termite course and the school of structural fumigation, at the University of Florida.

 Dr. Thomas Chouvenc
University of Florida
[email protected]


 Copy and Paste this link to send to your employees to register in advance for this webinar:



Check back to this page at the beginning of every month. We will be updating it with the current registration link and the upcoming speaker for that month! 

Call if you have any questions. (512) 954-9664




Click Here to view the program

Contact Warren Hull to see how you can benefit from this program! 

Warren Hull
Associate Certified Entomologist
Pest Control Practice Leader
Bell Insurance Group/AssuredPartners of Texas LLC
500 N. Central Expressway, Suite 550, Plano, TX 75074
Office: (972) 581-4825
[email protected]



In today's quickly changing pace of online classes in place of in-person classes, we must adjust to new situations and learn those new unspoken rules of webinar etiquette. 

These 5 tips can make your CEU Webinar more enjoyable and productive. 

1. Log in Early - Set a reminder to go off anywhere from 10-30 minutes before the schedule event start time. This will help you find a stopping point to what you are currently doing, transition to find the online link, code and password to input and will give yourself time to download the software if you do not already have it installed. If you already have it installed, the time before the webinar will give you a chance to write down any questions you may want answered during the webinar.  


2. Mute your audio If you are joining a large webinar, some presenters may ask that your audio. This is helpful to avoid unwanted background noises that can distract other participants. 
3. Remember, there is a camera facing you - Most computers, tablets or phones allow access to the camera to show your face while upon joining a webinar. This can come as a surprise to others if at any point during the webinar you get up and show all of the attendees you're wearing a #ZoomMullet - business on top, party on the bottom.


4. Be active in the Q&ARespond to questions or comments just like you would in-person. If there is something you want to know, but do not want to disrupt the presenter, put it in the chat so at the end, if the presenter hasn't touched on the subject at all, they know that is something they need to discuss. 


5. Provide Feedback - It can be hard for the host to tell how the experience was from the attendee's viewpoint. Help us improve our webinars to match your needs by letting us know what worked well and what didn't. Were there any audio problems? Presenter going too fast? Are there topics you would like to see us cover? Let us know so we can work towards providing great content for you and your company! Email us at [email protected] 


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