We do not currently have Technician Training Registration open. 

Our next Technician Training workshop will be in Lubbock, Texas

on September 26th at the University Courtyard Marriott Hotel. 

Registration will open in August!



Technician Training information

This exam prep course is required for apprentices to qualify to take the technician exam.  

Prior to the Technician Exam, apprentices should have already completed:

The prep class is a review of what they should have already learned in the previous 40, 20, 8 hrs.

For already licensed Technicians, they must have 8 hours of training per year. This course will count towards those hours. Technicians will need an additional 2 hours of on-the-job within the same year.

*This Technician Training course meets the SPCS requirements for apprentices and non-commercial applicators. There will NOT be an exam following the technician training class. This is just one of many requirements** in preparing for the exam. Please visit www.texasagriculture.gov for more information and a list of the full requirements you will need before taking your exam. The General Study guide is included in the registration fee. 


No Refunds